Michael Namkung is an artist, multiple world champion athlete and transformational coach. He has received awards from the San Francisco Arts Commission, The Center for Cultural Innovation, and the Tanne Foundation for his pioneering work Drawing Gym, a hybrid art form that combines drawing with rigorous physical exercise.

He has exhibited and performed his work in galleries, museums, universities and public spaces worldwide, including SFMOMA, Museu de Arte Contemporaneo Niteroi, The Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Stanford University, Locust Projects, The Drawing Center New York, and Grace Cathedral San Francisco.

He holds a Master of Education degree from the University of California Santa Barbara and a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco State University. He served as Assistant Professor of Art at Florida International University, and currently serves as Visiting Assistant Professor at Lewis and Clark College.


Michael can make art out of anything. When he helped me see I could create my business like I would create an altar or a sacred piece of art, it clicked. It made perfect sense to me to be as creative about the business building process as I am when I’m in a state of poetic/artistic flow. His approach is perfect for me because I want my business to be a reflection of those things I hold most dear, but wasn’t sure it was possible. I look forward to continuing my work with Michael as I flesh out this vision for myself.
— Egypt Brown, Founder, My Peoples Travel
I knew I needed to be more visible as an entrepreneur, but I was terrified of being seen. Michael showed me how to value the shadow parts of myself that I’d been ignoring and supported me in coming out of hiding and expressing myself honestly. He helped me understand the underlying issues that kept me stuck, and masterfully guided me into action and complete my first 21 Day Facebook Live Challenge!

I was proud of myself for taking courageous action, but the true gift was in finally seeing myself. I wasn’t afraid to ask for what I wanted and needed anymore and I was no longer ashamed to offer my services. And as I began to speak my truth, I watched all of my relationships improve. Michael is an exceptional coach!
— Linda Arbizu
Simply starting the entrepreneurial journey was a huge step for me. But I quickly got to a point where I got stuck and I just couldn’t seem to move forward on even the smallest tasks in my business. That’s when I met Michael. He approached the challenges I faced from a different perspective. He created a safe and open space and asked questions that took me deep into the heart of matters. He helped me to uncover hidden aspects of myself and to step into my power.

My work focuses on the transformation of women. Working with Michael allowed me to connect at a much deeper level with myself and release years of stagnant and stuck energy. When Michael guided me through my own healing journey, I expanded in my ability to help the women I serve heal their own past traumas. This alone has given my work deeper meaning. I’ve raised my coaching skills to a new level and now I’m helping my own clients make deeper and more meaningful transformations in their lives.

I feel more confident in my business and have moved away from feeling lost and worried, to seeing how my business allows me to experience the impact I am making, as I’m making it. That inspires me to keep going and to dream bigger.
— Jenny Moutou, Founder, InMe