Private Individual Coaching for Artists


Are you driven to create but the same roadblocks keep stopping you from finishing your projects?

Are you the kind of person who would benefit from personalized, one-on-one support to help guide you through the most challenging aspects of creating art?

Drawing Gym Workshop (Adult Version)

Fall in love with drawing again.


In this workshop, your group will learn to:

  • Understand drawing and the creative process in an entirely new way.
  • Reconnect with your playful creative energy.
  • Learn how to use fun and challenging physical exercises to map your body in time and space.
  • Reveal hidden beliefs that make you tick (that are hiding in your body!)
  • Discover and experience the most overlooked key to personal transformation and growth.

Drawing Gym Workshop (Kids Version)

Keep creativity alive.


In this workshop, children will learn to:

  • Stay connected to their playful, creative energy.
  • Make art using their full bodies.
  • Stay process-oriented instead of results-oriented in their art-making.
  • Learn how to use fun and challenging physical exercises to map their bodies in time and space.
  • Celebrate the beauty of their physical differences.

Live Performance & Speaking Engagements

Are you an artist or creative professional who spends your time building someone else's vision but not your own?

Creative Stand

An unconventional group coaching program that in 10 weeks frees you from your creative blocks so you can discover your true voice and share your art with the world.

* * * Creative Stand is currently in session and enrollment is closed. * * *