You mission should you choose to accept it is to learn how to shift your perspective in 6 weeks so you can break free of your limitations and discover how powerfully creative you truly are.


seeing the invisible

Drawing as spiritual practice

June 8 - July 13

6 Saturdays, 9:15am - 11:45am

Taborspace, Portland OR

*This is an introductory drawing class. No previous drawing experience is required.


I’m Michael Namkung.

I’ve been leading drawing courses and workshops around the world for over 15 years. I’ve designed a powerful curriculum that synthesizes the foundations of drawing with a deep understanding of the intuitive, subconscious, and inspirational energies that move in a person during creative practice. This course is a culmination of the most impactful lessons I’ve developed over many years of art and spiritual practice, distilled down into one 6-week course.



  • Expand your awareness and draw with increased perceptual accuracy.

  • Create new neural pathways in your brain that allow you expand your perspective so you can break old patterns and create new ones.

  • Consciously create your experiences so you can make meaningful shifts in your relationships, in your business, and in your own personal growth.

  • Distinguish the voice of your inner critic from the voice of your true self so you can relax into yourself and trust your intuition.

  • Shift your energy and your mindset to become more fearless and free so you can take leadership of your life.

  • Deepen your spiritual journey and fall in love with your life.


Our souls enter this life with a purpose, and upon entry we make an impression. We all make marks on the world before we’re conscious of doing so. As children, we joyfully embody the innate artistry and creative self-expression that we’re born with. We celebrate this in young children. And children love to draw. No one has to show them how.

But almost every person has some version of a childhood memory when the experience of drawing was no longer fun. Some were praised for their creative expressions, and others were not. This is the great lie about creativity that many of us learned to believe: Either you have it or you don’t.

The ramifications of this belief are debilitating and disempowering. Without access to your creativity, you begin to see the world as a difficult and even hostile place. When your confidence in your creative abilities is low, you feel out of control, living your life according to what others create.

The truth is that the joy, wonder, and excitement you had about the world as a child is still available to you. It’s waiting for you to reclaim it.

Every human being was born to create. The creative process is nothing new, it’s just so widely misunderstood. And the first step to understanding is to start seeing things differently.

Student Work, Contour Line Study

Student Work, Contour Line Study


Drawing is about much more than the mechanics of your hand. Seeing is much more than the biology of how your eyes work. When you learn to draw, you learn to see with greater depth, and you open a portal into the spiritual world that allows you to pull what you discover into visibility. Children are naturally tapped into this magical world.

But it’s not magic. It’s simply working with the invisible energies that are always there, working with the hidden undercurrent beneath the surface of things. To work with that current is to work with your creative flow.

When you unblock your natural creative flow, you discover a world of inspiration and play that you’ve not seen since you were a child. That world has always been there, waiting for your return.

Are you ready to return? I developed this course to help guide you back to your essential creative self.

Student Work, Reflective Surface Study

Student Work, Reflective Surface Study


We have learned to use more and more technologies that show us the world in pre-given frames. We have fallen into patterns of passively consuming images instead of actively creating them. As our vision of the world narrows, so does our capacity for insight.

When we decide to wake up from all of this, when we re-learn how to become our own image-makers, we free our imagination to do what it is designed to do--to create. And when you unblock your creative flow, your entire life becomes a work of art.

For centuries, artists and spiritual teachers of all kinds have been telling us how to live fully as both human beings and spiritual beings, how to integrate our physical and our metaphysical selves, how to create joy and peace in our lives. The first step on this path is always an acknowledgment that what we are currently doing is not working.

This is not actually about learning new ways of seeing, but about unlearning our habits of perception in order to remember our natural state of being in the world that we were born with but have since forgotten.

Student Work, Value Study

Student Work, Value Study


In this course, you’ll learn a core of beginning drawing processes that will not only teach you the tools to make drawings that look like what you’re drawing, but that will also open your perception and expand your awareness of yourself and the world around you.

This is drawing as a meditative practice and a process of self-discovery. Every person is here to express themselves, to live into their unique purpose. We’ll learn to work with this energy and see the connection between how we approach making marks through drawing and the way we make our mark in the world.


I was worried at the start because I did not consider myself good at drawing at all. Now I have a new desire to explore and a new joy of creating. I feel as though I have discovered a part of myself that was long forgotten. This was one of the most impactful classes I have ever taken.
— Dylan Harter
Art is fun now, not full of frustration and pressure. This class felt like the sun. I am a plant coming out of a long winter hibernation, starting to put out new leaves. Now all I want to do is keep learning.
— Ella Martini
I came into the class wanting to impress others by learning new drawing skills. But by the end, I got to a place where I wasn’t looking for outside approval. I allowed myself to do things I wasn’t comfortable with, and allowed myself to see in ways I wasn’t seeing before.
— Natalie Roberts
This class helped me understand the power of my intuition, and that has improved my art and my overall life. I now have greater self-awareness, and have realized things about myself I want to change. It’s enabled me to feel more confident and to speak more honestly. This has truly been the most important class I’ve ever had!
— Sophie Kendall
Although I’d grown up loving art, I’d lost my passion for it. I’ve gotten that back, now I’m drawing for fun on my own time, and I’m happy to have that in my life. This class has given me permission to be free!
— Talia Walderman
This course was an embodiment of spirit. I learned that drawing is so much more physically active and engaged that I thought it was, and that opened up other parts of my life.
— Kasia Preski
I got better at the fundamentals of drawing, but more importantly this course changed my thinking and rekindled my personal expression. A lot of different aspects of myself have opened up and that has helped me go deeper in my relationships.
— Jack Bishop
Michael is unlike any teacher I’ve ever had, and working with him changed my life. I wanted to learn how to punch, but he taught me to slap water, and I became aware of what drove me to want to hit anything in the first place. I learned that I could do whatever I wished, and I began to explore the world around me with knowledge and purpose, like a beanstalk.
— Meaghan Reynolds


About Michael

Michael Namkung is an artist, a world champion athlete, and a transformational coach. His mission is to support emerging leaders and visionaries in speaking their truth, walking their highest path, and becoming the creative powerhouses they are so they can experience the success that allows them to make the impact they’re here to make in the world.

He has received awards from the San Francisco Arts Commission, The Center for Cultural Innovation, and the Tanne Foundation for his pioneering work Drawing Gym, a hybrid art form that combines drawing with rigorous physical exercise.

He has exhibited and performed his work in galleries, museums, universities and public spaces worldwide, including SFMOMA, Museu de Arte Contemporaneo Niteroi, The Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Stanford University, Locust Projects, The Drawing Center New York, and Grace Cathedral San Francisco.

He holds a Master of Education degree from the University of California Santa Barbara and a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco State University. He served as Assistant Professor of Art at Florida International University, and as Visiting Assistant Professor at Lewis and Clark College.

To learn more about Michael’s artwork, click here.

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