A Real Conversation, In Two Parts: Part II

Palo Alto Arts Center

In conjunction with the exhibition PLAY!


Part II


  1. Start with your breath. Feel yourself come into full presence with your body and with one another. You are entering a different kind of conversation now—a dance in which the acts of speaking, listening and responding are felt in the body, and expressed in gestures by hand.
  2. Partners should face one another directly on opposite sides of the glass.
  3.  The leader “speaks” by using the black marker to send a message to his or her partner. Consider writing something to your partner that you want to tell them (or have always wanted to tell them). The follower “listens’ by mirroring the emerging line. For example, if the speaker uses their right hand, the listener mirrors with their left. The speaker should move at a pace that allows the follower to mirror (and listen) closely.
  4. Know that vulnerability is always present when people gather the courage to have a real conversation. Keep taking turns until the conversation ends.