As men, we’ve had to wear masks to survive in this world. We’ve learned to control our emotions, hide our truth and to show up in ways that feel inauthentic.

As a result, we feel disconnected—in our work, in our relationships, and ultimately from ourselves. We feel overwhelmed and stressed with our obligations, and we don’t know what to do to change it.

It’s time to let go of what’s clearly not working. It’s time to free ourselves from this old paradigm. It’s time to learn how to operate from your true source of power


MICHAEL NAMKUNG helps men connect with their truth and harness the power of their emotions so they can tap into their inner strength, create expansive relationships and love fully and fiercely.

Michael’s unique approach to growth and transformation comes from his background in artistry, high-performance athletics, and spiritual traditions. He creates safe spaces to reveal the internal resistance men experience, and shows men how to overcome that resistance so they can live their life’s purpose.

This embodied approach allows men to create and sustain expansive relationships of unconditional love and deep spiritual intimacy. This allows men to reclaim their joy and playfulness, and to experience an inner peace and an inner strength that enlivens and empowers those around them.

When you work with Michael, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stand in your power

  • Trust your intuition

  • Dissolve your hidden emotional blocks

  • Expand your self-expression

  • Create loving and expansive relationships

  • Channel your divine energy

What clients say:

I was stuck in constant overwhelm and stress both at home and at work. Michael created a space for me to feel seen and heard, and he gave me the language to be able to express things that felt really hard to talk about. He asked me questions I’d never before considered, and helped me discover that some of the beliefs I had about myself were not true. He wasn’t preachy and consistently guided me towards discovering my own answers. And I discovered that happiness is a choice.
— Sean M.
Michael helped me to see where I was sacrificing my truth and where I was neglecting what’s important to me. He shined a light on the ways I had been giving away my power and showed me how to honor and trust myself. Now I’m enjoying my work so much more, and I now know how to respect and hold my own boundaries and not take on other people’s issues. The most exciting part is that I’ve learned how to dream again. I’m starting to create the life I want, and that feels immensely freeing. Working with Michael woke me up.
— Steve D.
I knew I needed to be more visible as an entrepreneur, but I was terrified of being seen. Michael showed me how to value the shadow parts of myself that I’d been ignoring and supported me in coming out of hiding and expressing myself honestly. He helped me understand the underlying issues that kept me stuck, and masterfully guided me into action and complete my first 21 Day Facebook Live Challenge! I was proud for taking courageous action, but the true gift was in finally seeing myself. I wasn’t afraid to ask for what I wanted anymore and I was no longer ashamed to offer my services. And learning to speak my truth has caused all of my relationships to improve. Michael is an exceptional coach!
— Linda A.
I was feeling completely disconnected from my creative self and my life as a young woman trying to build a career. I could barely stand my day job. I was experiencing a lot of physical and emotional pain, and I couldn’t find a good reason to believe in myself as an artist. I didn’t know what to do. Michael helped me recognize and transform negative patterns and behaviors that I carried with me for years. He helped me see my power. I learned to set physical and emotional boundaries with others, and most importantly I learned to respect and love myself and my own space. I have learned through Michael’s mentorship to listen and acknowledge my own voice, my own truth and my own power.
— Nathalie A.
Michael taught me how to take responsibility for my own experience when I’m in a conflict. He showed me how to bring new awareness to what was happening inside me that has allowed me to stop accumulating frustration. My soul has shifted as a result of the work Michael led us through, and I feel more confident in being more courageous and decisive.
— Luiz T.



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About Michael Namkung

Michael is an artist, a world champion athlete, a transformational coach, and a continual embracer of what’s unfolding in him. His mission is to support emerging leaders and visionaries in speaking their truth, walking their highest path, and becoming the creative powerhouses they are so they can experience the success that allows them to make the impact they’re here to make in the world.

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