Are you a coach, consultant or healer who’s called to make a big difference in people’s lives?

I get it. You’re great at what you do. You know the power of transformational work and the impact it can have on people’s lives and their futures. You want to make a difference in this world, and that’s why you do what you do. But lately things haven’t been going so well for you. Although you have a gift for creating breakthroughs for others, you may struggle to simply move your business forward. Without the support you need to take your business where you want to, you end up spinning your wheels, feeling lost about what to do next and in which direction to go.

The truth is, many coaches, consultants and healers can get stuck in this downward spiral for years, eventually giving up on their dreams. Feeling totally frustrated and disillusioned, they head back into traditional employment options, experiencing a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

Making the decision to start a business takes courage. But why do so many startup businesses fail? Because to build a solid foundation for a profitable and deeply meaningful business requires a level of courage beyond what was previously imagined. Our ability to serve and help our clients move past their blockages, traumas and challenges is dependent upon the journey we have travelled, are currently travelling, and are willing to travel.

If you want to grow in your business, you’ve got to get under the hood and find out what’s really in your way. We can only help others to the degree we’ve decided to help ourselves. Our impact and success in this field is determined by our willingness to look deep within and heal the hurts that hold us to our pasts.

If you don’t have the clients you want, if you’re not generating the income you want, if you have confusion over making decisions in your business, that’s because you have something inside you that’s unresolved, something inside you that you’ve been ignoring. As within, so without.

So if your business isn’t growing, it’s time to face facts.

Taking the steps to venture into the unknown aspects of ourselves can feel daunting and overwhelming. And the truth is most people are scared to death to go there.

But when you do, the people you’re meant to serve stand up and take notice. When you do, you embody your own growth and transformation, and your people intuit that you have the power to help them. At this level, you’re not simply sharing your wisdom with your clients, you’re showing them how to listen to their inner wisdom and cultivate their own unique gifts.

This is not about taking another business course. This is about taking your own medicine, about embracing the unknown depths of yourself. This is about discovering your true power and stepping into it, so you can do the work in this world that you’re meant to do.

I couldn’t discover my true gift until I surrendered to the unknown.

When I took that first step of walking away from the security of my career as an art professor and decided to go into business for myself, I felt myself stepping into fear and uncertainty. I was stepping into a big unknown.

I knew I wanted to help people live in their truth, be more fully self-expressed, but I didn’t know what this would look like. I had an inkling that I wanted to coach people, but I wasn’t sure. I had no idea what this would look like.

After months of doing work I thought would prepare me, I launched my coaching business. I had some successes helping emerging artists take their work to the next level. This was rewarding but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to stretch myself into new territory and make a greater impact on people outside of the art world, but I was struggling to find a way.

I knew it had something to do with my artistry, and something to do with leadership.

As an artist, I’ve had a distinct voice because I’ve continually sought to work at my own edge. When I integrated the artist with the athlete in me, I found myself on a platform of one—a unique space in the art world in which there were no other competitors.

But in my business, I was aware that I sounded like so many other coaches out there. Where was my edge?

When we’re in the unknown, most of us do everything we can to be in the past or in the future. We don’t stay with the unknown for long, because we want the certainty of knowing what the outcome will be.

I wanted that certainty. I wanted to make the right decisions. I wanted to build a good business.

That’s when I realized I was feeling the same kind of insecurity that I felt in those early days of being stuck in the art studio and stuck in my head and trying not to fail.

It’s easy to look outside ourselves for answers. The truth is there’s a deep inner knowing available to each of us. But it’s not easy to find, because it requires an approach that’s counter-intuitive to the way you usually do things.

It requires us to embrace a paradox.

The only way to know our deepest selves is to surrender our egoic need to know it.

I needed to surrender my desire to control, open myself to feeling the fear of the unknown, and step fully into a process I could trust. I knew it would be difficult. It might not give me what I thought I wanted, but it was sure to give me what I needed.

That’s what the artistic process will always do.

And so I began to apply artistry to the question of how to build a business. The artistic process always begins with cultivating curiosity, with asking a meaningful question. So, I got curious: What might building a business with artistry look like?

An essential skill of artistry is connecting dots that you haven’t before connected.

I began to look at what artists and entrepreneurs have in common. Both look out into the world and are dissatisfied with the status quo and decide to create something that doesn’t yet exist. This takes courage; it’s leap into the unknown.

As I began working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I realized that their desires to create a thriving and impactful business paralleled the artist’s desire for meaning and relevance in their work.

Over many years of teaching, I’ve developed a method of asking questions that help artists uncover what’s essential in their work. When I began to apply that same process in my work with entrepreneurs, they began shifting surprisingly fast. Once I had a couple successes, I realized I had a powerful coaching method on my hands. I’d connected the dots.

The key was inside of me all along. The answer was to create my business with artistry, and to help others ignite the dormant artistry within themselves.


Imagine building a joyful and thriving business that allows you to make the impact you’re here to make.

The key to your vision, your clarity, and your purpose has been inside you all along, too.

When you create a business, you’re stepping into your artistry. And if you want to create a business that’s aligned with your truth, that allows you to serve others as deeply as possible, it requires you to go deep into your soul. It requires you to embrace the artistic process.

What’s unique about the artistic process is that it mirrors the human experience. The artistic process has at its most fundamental level, the capacity to ask the biggest, deepest, most profound questions around what this human journey is all about, by engaging our natural, god-given powers to create in dialogue with those very questions.

It is a journey available to all of us. But if we don’t choose it, at some point, we run into a wall. And when most of us hit that wall, we look outside of ourselves for the solutions, for the answers, for the ways to overcome it.

What we don’t realize is the wall is inside of us. And on the other side of that wall lies your greatest gift, expectantly waiting for you.

What I teach people is how to go deep within themselves to dismantle that wall brick by brick and connect with their truth. I help them draw out blockages, challenges and traumas, show them how to heal what is most immediately in their way, and help them design strategies to dissolve conflicts that keep them feeling stuck. That’s when they begin to see the results they desire. That’s when they begin to make a real impact.

I work with heart-centered people who desire to step up into a new level of leadership, who aspire to grow and expand into a more thriving and more beautiful phase of their lives, and who have goals and intentions that go way beyond themselves and ripple out to impact the lives of others.

My role as a coach is to guide you through this artistic process of discovering who you really are, what you’re here to bring into the world, and how to build an unshakable foundation upon which you can create a unique and powerful business.

If we want to truly help others find their own freedom, I believe we need to raise the stakes within ourselves. We can only help others along this road as far as WE are willing to go. The more you grow as a business owner, the more you can help your clients, the more your clients grow, the more they trust you and refer others to you, the more your business grows . . . As within, so without.

So if you’re an emerging coach, consultant, healer, or transformational leader and you’re feeling stuck in your business, I invite you to step into this journey so you can tap into the power of your own unique artistry.

Imagine learning to drop into your body and your heart and use your unique voice to grow a joyful and thriving business that allows you to make the impact you’re here to make.

Are you ready?

Click below and schedule a 30-minute complimentary session with me. Here’s what we’ll do in the session:

  • ·     Identify the limiting beliefs that stop you from trusting yourself and that keep you stuck.

  • ·     Envision a future for your business that honors your truth.

  • ·     Get clarity on your next best step for growing your business in a way that honors your soul.

Simply starting the entrepreneurial journey was a huge step for me. But I quickly got to a point where I got stuck and I just couldn’t seem to move forward on even the smallest tasks in my business. That’s when I met Michael. He approached the challenges I faced from a different perspective. He created a safe and open space and asked questions that took me deep into the heart of matters. He helped me to uncover hidden aspects of myself and to step into my power.

My work focuses on the transformation of women. Working with Michael allowed me to connect at a much deeper level with myself and release years of stagnant and stuck energy. When Michael guided me through my own healing journey, I expanded in my ability to help the women I serve heal their own past traumas. This alone has given my work deeper meaning. I’ve raised my coaching skills to a new level and now I’m helping my own clients make deeper and more meaningful transformations in their lives.

I feel more confident in my business and have moved away from feeling lost and worried, to seeing how my business allows me to experience the impact I am making, as I’m making it. That inspires me to keep going and to dream bigger.
— Jenny Moutou, Founder, InMe
I knew I needed to be more visible as an entrepreneur, but I was terrified of being seen. Michael showed me how to value the shadow parts of myself that I’d been ignoring and supported me in coming out of hiding and expressing myself honestly. He helped me understand the underlying issues that kept me stuck, and masterfully guided me into action and complete my first 21 Day Facebook Live Challenge!

I was proud of myself for taking courageous action, but the true gift was in finally seeing myself. I wasn’t afraid to ask for what I wanted and needed anymore and I was no longer ashamed to offer my services. And as I began to speak my truth, I watched all of my relationships improve. Michael is an exceptional coach!
— Linda Arbizu
Michael can make art out of anything. When he helped me see I could create my business like I would create an altar or a sacred piece of art, it clicked. It made perfect sense to me to be as creative about the business building process as I am when I’m in a state of poetic/artistic flow. His approach is perfect for me because I want my business to be a reflection of those things I hold most dear, but wasn’t sure it was possible. I look forward to continuing my work with Michael as I flesh out this vision for myself.
— Egypt Brown, Founder, My Peoples Travel