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Imagine quieting all the external noise so you can finally focus on your art.




When’s the last time you created something just for you?


  • As an artist, are you forging your own path, or following someone else’s?
  • What truly drives you? 
  • How do you measure success?
  • How do you know if your art is any good?


These are questions that plague almost every artist at some point in their journey. And even after you’ve figured it out, as you keep changing, they can show up again in surprising new forms.

Knowing you’re on the right path has to everything to do with asking the right questions. But it’s hard to ask the right questions with all those voices in your head.

We all want success, but we’re too easily consumed with the question of what success looks like. Rather than thinking about how to measure your success . . . 


What if you could silence the insecure, judging voices in your head that stop you from your own success?


Imagine quieting all that external noise.

Great art comes from your soul—this is the art that only you are meant to make. But here’s the thing: You can’t try to make great art. In fact, if you try, you’re going to make bad art.

You want to create something different, something new—but this desire only leads you down a path of creating generic and derivative art. The part of your mind that wants you to be a great artist is exactly what you need to bypass in order to let the truth and the power of the art that’s already inside you come forward.

You’ve developed ideas about what art is and what it means to be an artist over the course of your lifetime. Whether you learned it in art school, over years of being a creative professional, or wherever you’ve learned it—you’re carrying a lot of extra weight.

In order to become creatively unblocked, you need to remove that weight and get back to what it really is to be an artist—which is your relationship with the canvas, the paper, the camera—whatever your materials happen to be. If you can get to the point where you’re facing your work without any baggage, where you can be fully present—then you’re in a place of creative flow, a place from which great art can emerge.


It’s how Michelangelo created David: He just chipped away until he’d removed everything that wasn’t David—until the angel in the marble was set free.

This story may be apocryphal, but the truth is that if you have unexpressed creative energy, it can feel as if you are encased in stone. Creative energy must move, or it will die.

It’s the worst thing in the world to be locked in struggle with these monsters of resistance.

What if you could become attuned to the unique voice that’s been inside you all along? Imagine how empowered you'd feel to settle into that frequency.

I’ve developed a series of mind-body interventions that’s going to allow you to bypass the part of your brain that wants perfection, that judges and criticizes, that keeps you stuck in creative paralysis, and that stops you from doing what you’re driven to do.

Instead of being preoccupied with measuring your success, what would it mean to measure the evolution of your soul?

I’m on a mission to help artists find their true voice. That’s why I created this program. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years, and I’ve distilled into 10 weeks the essential trainings that allow you to step into the power of your work and come into resonance with your soul purpose.

We’re going to chip away at all the material that binds you, at all the stuff that isn’t truly you, and we’re going to keep chipping away until you’re free. That’s what you'll experience in this program.


Who I thought I had to be as an artist was preventing me from hearing my own truth.


It took me a long time to embrace my calling as an artist. By the time I finally did, I’d spent a lifetime accumulating messages about what art was and what being an artist meant.

It was the final critique of my first semester of graduate school. I'd just hauled in a 12-foot long painting that took months to complete. I’d built up the surface with physically rigorous techniques that mirrored an athletic performance—that was my thing, my signature style, the thing that distinguished me as an artist.

And it was the largest painting I'd ever made. I'd gone big.

I spoke about the importance of my process, and what it all meant to me.

My professor, Mario Laplante, who’d heard me speak about my work in the same way for several months now, looked straight at me and said four words that changed my life:

“I don’t believe you.”

Then he let those words hang in the air for a few beats.

. . . 

My eyes widened. I may have stopped breathing. Why didn't he believe me?

He went on to say that he didn’t think I was being honest with myself. That I hadn’t really challenged myself. That although I went bigger, I’d done so in a measured way. That I hadn’t really raised the stakes. That I hadn’t risked failure. That I was playing small.

I listened, and his words cut straight to the small part of me that knew it was true. I knew what I was already good at, and all I'd really done was dial that up a little. I was playing safe. I'd settled for mediocrity. It felt like he’d looked into me, past a protective wall I didn't even know I’d built, and saw something there.

In that moment, that something inside me stood up.

I turned my attention inward. I read and I wrote nonstop. I began to see my thoughts reflected back to me. I was slowly waking up. I realized I needed to let go of a lot of conditioned thinking—all the stories I’d been telling myself about who I was as an artist.

In fixing myself to the past, I couldn't see the new version of myself pushing forward. I didn't want a signature style. I wanted to feel wholeheartedly in the present. And I wanted to make art from there.



For the first time, I began to see what was moving in me. I was learning to tap a resource that was to become a wellspring of my art practice—my own interiority.

It was here that I found deeper artistic expression through integrating my body and mind. I gave my art a clear and present voice, stood in its power, and felt the deeper energy of the work begin to course through me.

It took years of struggling with fear just to get to a place where I could embrace the fact that I was an artist. But it wasn't until this point, when I broke through the noise and took my first real Creative Stand, that I stepped through a door and began to see a world of opportunity and possibility open before me.

Literally.  Opportunities to share, show, and get paid for my work began showing up in my life that were not there before. And these opportunities were not the result of applying self-promotion tactics or implementing business success plans. They were the result of coming into alignment with my artist soul.

And it was here, in doing this deep inner work, that I developed the ability to see deeply into others.

I created this experiential course because I know how difficult the artist’s journey can be, how strong the resistance to change. I'm on a mission to help others discover their unique voice, and help them step forward into the power of their own work and create the vision that their soul and the world have been waiting for.

I want to help you take your Stand.


The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time. 
— Mary Oliver

What will happen in 10 weeks?



You’ll uncover the stories you spin and the mental blocks that hold you back and put an end to your negative and unproductive thinking. You’ll be equipped with powerful tools and strategies to elevate your mindset to one that will bring you more inspiration and wonder. You’ll master what it takes to free yourself from inner conflict, keep you in creative flow, and know how to handle any challenge that comes up in the future. You’ll know how to keep returning to your authentic center and keep evolving towards your highest self.



Your more expansive mindset will bring you greater presence to the forces at play in your art. Using my signature mind-body techniques, you’ll understand your own physical and mental limitations, and connect the dots to the limiting beliefs you hold about art and about yourself as an artist. You’ll learn to expand your self-drawn boundaries and realize your power to transform yourself and your artwork.



You will have lightbulbs and epiphanies that will allow you to see yourself and your artwork with crystal clarity. You’ll see that the unique experiences that have shaped your life contain the keys to operating in your genius zone. As you understand your soul purpose as an artist, you’ll stop comparing yourself to others and the path to the next level of your growth will reveal itself. You’ll hear the clarion call of your own voice, and this will guide you toward your higher purpose and into deeper integrity with your work.



You’ll build strength as you learn to open and speak your truth, and these acts of courage will ignite your soul, build your confidence, and make you a force to be reckoned with. When you claim your unique voice, you’ll step into your role as an artist and visionary. You’ll stand in the power of your work and speak to others with a clarity and self-assurance that will leave them wanting to know more.



You’ll become part of a tight-knit, inspirational community of creative people who are committed to overcoming their challenges and rising to their highest potential as artists. When you’re struggling, these are people that’ll see the best in you and help you move forward when you feel you can’t move forward on your own. You’ll learn to create community around your art and nurture the relationships that grow your tribe into a strong and resilient network that nourishes and sustains you moving forward.


But more importantly ...


What you’ll experience in Creative Stand will significantly shift, and even completely overhaul the way you approach your artwork.

But even more valuable is that you’ll be equipped with a potent set of skills and mindsets that will continue to guide you and your art practice towards ever greater growth, resiliency and success for years to come. You'll walk away with rituals and practices that will allow you to handle any challenge that comes up in the future, and the power to always generate the wind beneath your own wings.

Michael taught me how to create from a genuine place and to accept myself as an artist without feeling ashamed of exploring what was important to me. My work, my ideas, and my processes all began to change in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It built my confidence, and as I learned to be honest with myself, I saw myself growing in new directions.
— Yasmin Khalaf


Over 10 weeks with me, you’ll get:



  • Weekly 60-minute in-depth trainings delivered LIVE and recorded via Zoom, followed by a Q&A Session
  • Weekly templates to guide you in taking action after each training



  • A private and exclusive Facebook group to connect with one another, discuss issues and receive feedback
  • Unlimited Voxer group chat for extra real time support from Michael and the group between calls
  • Networking and accountability opportunities



  • A weekly 90-minute LIVE group coaching Session where you’ll receive 1:1 coaching with Michael
  • A weekly 60-minute LIVE training + Q&A session plus additional 1:1 coaching with Michael
  • Unlimited email access to Michael for 10 weeks. Submit your questions directly to him for personalized help as often as you need it.


*** Each Live Training + Q&A Session and Group Coaching Session will be video recorded and posted to our private group so you can access them 24/7 ***

And once the program ends, you’ll have lifetime access to the course training and material.

Michael is unlike any teacher I’ve ever had, and working with him has changed my life. He taught me to ask big questions and search for my own answers in order to be true to myself. Some of Michael’s tactics seem unconventional, but I was ultimately rewarded with greater patience, strength, and skill. I wanted to learn to punch, but he taught me to slap water, and I became aware of what drove me to want to hit anything in the first place. I’d learned that I could do whatever I wished, and I began to explore the world around me with knowledge and purpose, like a beanstalk.
— Meaghan Reynolds



You’ll experience the entire 5-Module Creative Stand Program—this is the backbone of the course. It’s a step-by-step experience of how to transform your art and bring it into resonance with your true inner voice, so that you can start living your art from a place of power and confidence.


MODULE 1: Rediscover Your Voice (2 weeks)

From Day One, you’re going to be breaking through your conditioned ways of thinking about your art and start taking the actions that will build momentum. You’ll examine your limiting beliefs and experience major mindset shifts as you leave old stories about yourself and your art behind. You’ll start asking new questions, and you’ll experience a new sense of clarity in setting your goals. Here, you cut through the noise and rediscover your voice.


MODULE 2: Creative Alchemy (2 weeks)

Once you’ve gained clarity, you’ll know how to get unstuck. You’ll begin to make clear and empowered choices in your art, and you’ll take action on them, moving you forward towards new goals. We’ll deep dive into your art practice, and you’ll better understand the forces and energies at play in the particular way you make art. And you’ll identify your secret sauce—your personal superpower—that is the key to making the art that no one but you can make.


MODULE 3: Mission Visibility (3 weeks)

In this module, you’ll apply your newfound clarity and your newly empowered choices towards concrete actions that are congruent with your goals. Here, you’ll articulate the new standard you set for yourself, and you’ll learn essential tools to take actions in your work that empower you to hold yourself to this new internal standard. Here, you’ll begin to feel the joy of moving into integrity within yourself, and you’ll experience a newfound internal energy because now you know how to work with all the noise and all the overwhelm that tries to stop you.


MODULE 4: Critical Mass (3 weeks)

Resistance gets stronger right before you take a stand, so in this module you’ll build unstoppable momentum and reach the escape velocity that allows you to break the strong gravitational force of the status quo that’s kept you stuck. You’ll employ new strategies and tools to silence the voices that come up and try to stop you and to keep you laser-focused on achieving your mission. And you’ll leverage the powerful support of your community inside the course and out in your world. Here, in anticipation of what you’re about to do, your soul begins rejoicing, because it feels the true power that you’re generating within.


MODULE 5: Creative Stand

To accomplish your mission, you’ll create an event to share your art with the world. When you do this, you’ll stand tall as you step into the power of the art that’s alive inside you. Here, you honor your work as you speak on its behalf with courage, clarity, and confidence. When you take a stand, everything changes. From this new elevated vantage point, you’ll see a more abundant world before you, full of new possibility and opportunity. And in response, the world will rise up to meet you.

After losing a loved one to violence, I found myself suddenly stuck, unable to move. Michael said, “Start from where you are.” He gave me the permission to address my trauma, instead of ignoring it under the guise of trying to “get better.” He gave me constant support and helped me rebuild the voice that I felt I had lost. To this day, when I’m having trouble starting a project, I tell myself to start from where I am. Michael has taught me that there is great strength in vulnerability. 
— Alisa Steele

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