Drawing Gym 2: This Time It's Personal
single-channel video

For this project, I studied to become a certified personal trainer. In collaboration with the Bayview Hunters Point Y, I worked with eleven participants, 2-3 times a week over three months in making drawings that mapped their bodily movements in time and space, as well as physical changes over time.

Combining drawing and regular physical exercise to explore the contours of human embodiment as a repetitive and performative act, this project suggests our physical boundaries are constantly in flux, and move to the degree we push against them.

This work was created from a multitude of collaborative efforts. A big thank you to Bayview Hunters Point Y and Bayview Beacon, Art 94124, and 5800 Third Street. Special thanks to Antoine Moore, Adam Glimme, Selina Chavez, Charlotte Russell, Jon Mejia, Caleb Hampton, Richard Harkins, Julia Gulotti, Shirin Makaremi, and Antoinette Mobley. And enduring gratitude to the participants who sweated their way through this project: Melissa Anderson, Lorna James, Carmen Ledbetter, Teresa Savin, Monica Mueller, Peter Toscani, Mary Crenshaw, Kathy Profit, Vic Jones, Nicole Avist, and Lyn-Tise Jones.

Drawing Gym 2: This Time It's Personal was supported by a San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant, and an Investing in Artists Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation.
Drawing Gym 2: This Time It's Personal
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